Do you do make “fake cakes”?

There is a lot of information out there on wedding planning websites and in bridal magazines on how to save money on your wedding. We understand. Weddings are expensive. Unfortunately, there is a misnomer out there that styrofoam cakes are less expensive to produce than real cakes.

From our perspective, what makes a wedding cake cost what it does is the amount of labor (i.e. time) involved in decorating a wedding cake. What you are decorating (cake or styrofoam) does not matter as much as the skill level of the person decorating the cake. A highly skilled decorator still has to be paid the same wage (no matter what their medium).

Styrofoam is actually more difficult to work with. If you are looking to save money on a wedding cake, it’s best to choose a simple design or a smaller structure with "extra servings" cake. We do not recommend doing more than half as "extra servings" cake, or your displayed cake will look too small for the room.

If your cake budget is a key issue, please know that we always try to work with you to find something that is both beautiful and reasonably priced.

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