What is the difference between a buttercream and fondant finished cake?

Buttercream is what you’ll commonly see on many traditional cakes.

It is made primarily of butter, egg whites and sugar.  At The Belgian Chocolate Makers we make a swiss meringue buttercream which has a silky, delicious taste and will allow for a nice, smooth finish on your cake.

Fondant is a sugary paste, with a taste similar to marshmallow, that can be rolled out into a thin layer then draped over the cake, creating a beautifully smooth cover. Fondant can also be used to make figures and other decorations (polka dots, stars, flowers, etc.) that can be placed on any type of cake.

Only cakes frosted in buttercream or ganache may be covered in fondant; unfortunately cream cheese frosting will not support the fondant.

Please note that fondant is placed over a layer of frosting in the flavor of your choosing, and this, combined with the two layers of filling in your cake, means that a fondant-covered cake will still taste like your desired flavor.

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